Budweiser Trip

Saxon and Bohemian Switzerland

Budweiser Trip

Trip Highlights

  • Natural landscape
  • Shady river valleys
  • Border paths in the Zittau Mountains
  • Tannenberg / Jedlová 774 m
  • Lausche / Luž 793 m
  • Malevil (parts of the MTB race)
  • Rock formations of Saxon Switzerland
  • Root trails along streams
  • of course some Bohemian beer :-)

Trip Details

  • Departs: Sebnitz
  • Arrives: Sebnitz
  • Region: Saxon and Bohemian Switzerland, German-Czech border region
  • Duration: 2 days (Arrival the evening before)
  • Distance: 139 km
  • Ascent: 2.250 m
  • Grade: easy
  • Multi-day round trip with changing accommodations
  • You will receive further tour details usally 14 days before start

Prices & Services

Supported and guided:

  • 2 accommodations in twin rooms with breakfast
  • Tour book and GPS data

Additionally at guided:

  • certified guide
  • 4 - 10 participants
  • starter bag

Optional bookable:

  • Accommodation with wellness and single rooms
  • Accommodation in Sebnitz after the tour
  • Rent-bike
  • Accompanying vehicle with luggage transport
  • Individual appointments for groups

Details on tour packages and services

  • Individual trip from 39,- €
  • Supported trip from 99,- €
  • Guided trip from 189,- €
Dates & Booking


Trip map

elevation profile

2 Days

(Arrival the evening before)

139 km

2.250 m



More Trip Details

Bohemian short trip - From Sebnitz to the Zittau Mountains

Who does not like to drink a freshly drawn Czech beer after an eventful and demanding mountain bike tour, which dives into our neighbouring country. The Budweiser circuit offers a wonderful opportunity – two days of mountain biking on the heels of the » TransOst Klassik.

After the breakfast in Sebnitz we start over easy paths and gentle climbs into Saxon Switzerland. Our intermediate stations open up far-reaching views of the fragmented landscape. Shady river valleys connect sleepy villages with lovingly restored Upper Lusatian houses. Time stands still here – stress and hectic pace are not only due to foreign words. Via one or the other ascent we reach the partially cultivated peaks of striking mountains. Driving fun on the trails downhill guaranteed! A long border path forms the crowning conclusion. We end the evening in a typical Bohemian restaurant. Garlic soup, goulash with dumplings and pancakes as well as Czech beer or Kofola are a must have on this tour.

The second day we start with an equally relaxed rolling in before we dive back into the endless forests. Playful paths along streams provide variety. Unnoticed we are back in the Bohemian Switzerland, where we collect a few height meters. After a refreshment in the national park we cross the national border and enjoy the good rolling cycle paths of Saxon Switzerland along the river Kirnitzsch. A ridge separates us from our starting point in Sebnitz. The ascent rewards us with a panoramic view over the city of artificial flowers.

The tour is planned with a small backpack and does not require a support vehicle or luggage transport.

Stage overview

1 ✶ Sebnitz - Heřmanice v Podještědí (CZ) ✶ ca. 77 km ✶ 1,600 m

2 ✶ Heřmanice Heřmanice v Podještědí (CZ) - Sebnitz ✶ ca. 62 km ✶ 650 m


The subsoil is approximately 15% asphalt, 65% forest and field roads and 20% trails. Several climbs and descents have to be mastered daily. The trip is technically and conditionally demanding.

Note for guided tours: The tour is guided by a certified guide. Overnight stays are in simple, country-specific guesthouses in double, twin or shared rooms including breakfast. Sometimes we have lunch in good middle-class restaurants or huts. In addition to a lunch break, a coffee stop is usually also planned. Dinner can be in the accommodation or a few minutes walk away. Lunch and dinner are not included in the price. Your vehicle and unneeded luggage can remain at the accommodation in Sebnitz. For the one-night tour, a small backpack with minimal change of clothes and reduced cosmetics is sufficient.

Note for closed groups: The services are compiled on request. An escort vehicle is also possible, as well as the wellness package with overnight stay in upscale guesthouses or hotels with sauna and single rooms.

Note for supported tours: Accommodation is the same as for guided tours. On the basis of the GPS data, you will lead the tour yourself.

Dates & Booking

Trip Date Price
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individual 39,- € Choose
supported 99,- € Choose
guided 189,- € Choose

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