TransOst 2 Giant Mountains

8 Days - 12 Mountains - 3 Countries

TransOst 2 Giant Mountains

Trip Highlights

  • Dresden and its slopes
  • Bastei (rock formation) in Saxon Switzerland
  • Ještěd
  • Sandstone paradise Adršpach
  • Border Paths between the Czech Republic and Poland
  • Spa resort Kudowa-Zdrój
  • Králíky with pilgrimage site “Mountain of Our Lady”
  • Mountain Praděd (“Grandfather”)

Trip Details

  • Departs: Dresden
  • Arrives: Bruntál
  • Region: Elbe Sandstone, Giant and High Ash Mountains
  • Duration: 8 days (last day shortened)
  • Distance: 550 km
  • Ascent: 12.000 m
  • Grade: demanding
  • Part of TransOst Challenge
  • Multi-day one-way trip with changing accommodations
  • You will receive further tour details usally 14 days before start

Prices & Services

Supported and guided:

  • 7 accommodations in twin rooms with breakfast
  • Tour book and GPS data

Additionally at guided:

  • certified guide
  • 4 - 10 participants
  • Accompanying vehicle with luggage transport
  • starter bag

Optional bookable:

  • Accommodation with wellness and single rooms
  • Return to Dresden
  • Rent-bike
  • Individual appointments for groups

Details on tour packages and services

  • Individual trip from 69,- €
  • Supported trip from 399,- €
  • Guided trip from 849,- €
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Trip map

elevation profile

8 Days

(last day shortened)

550 km

12.000 m



More Trip Details

8 Days - 12 Mountains - 3 Countries

This legendary MTB trip from Dresden in Saxony to Bruntál in the High Ash Mountains (Czech Republic) includes the Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady), the guardian Rübezahl (a folklore mountain spirit) and Mountain Praděd (“Grandfather”). The eastern part of Europe is still a long way off. The TransOst 2 brings you closer to this, of course in the safe support of our guides. The trip leads through a slowly changing cultural landscape, which has preserved its originality in many places.

Starting point is Dresden – Saxony's cultural and state capital. After the first few kilometres the tour goes through the border areas between Germany, Czech Republic and Poland. On the next eight stages of the TransOst 2, the history will be our companion.

You ride from the slopes of the Elbe into Saxon Switzerland with its distinctive rock formation Bastei. Further highlights are the Jeschken (Czech: Ještěd) with its tower, the Giant Mountains with the view of Schneekoppe (Czech: Sněžka, Polish: Śnieżka), Adršpach and its sandstone formations, the Polish spa resort Kudowa-Zdrój at the foot of the Table Mountains (Polish: Góry Stołowe, Czech: Stolové hory). On a sweaty stretch along the Polish-Czech border, the trip continues to the pilgrimage place Králíky. On the last stage we reach the highest point of the trip, the 1,491-metre-high Mountain Praděd (“Grandfather”). From the summit we ride to the finish in Bruntál, Czech Republic. Almost 580 kilometres and a total of 12,000 metres in altitude have been covered! We have seen a lot, got to know something new and experienced incredible mountain bike moments. So and now we are ready to ride the TransOst 3!

Matthias Rotter, the reporter of the bike magazine, takes you with him in his german article: TransOst: Eine MTB-Vision bis ans Schwarze Meer.

Stage overview

1 ✶ Dresden - Sebnitz ✶ ca. 67 km ✶ 1,500 m

2 ✶ Sebnitz - Ještěd (CZ) ✶ ca. 90 km ✶ 1,900 m

3 ✶ Ještěd (CZ) - Vrchlabí (CZ) ✶ ca. 68 km ✶ 1,000 m

4 ✶ Vrchlabí (CZ) - Adršpach (CZ) ✶ ca. 82 km ✶ 1,900 m

5 ✶ Adršpach (CZ) - Kudowa-Zdrój (PL) ✶ ca. 54 km ✶ 1,100 m

6 ✶ Kudowa-Zdrój (PL) - Králíky (CZ) ✶ ca. 78 km ✶ 2,000 m

7 ✶ Králíky (CZ) - Červenohorské sedlo (CZ) ✶ ca. 70 km ✶ 1,800 m

8 ✶ Červenohorské sedlo (CZ) - Bruntál (CZ) ✶ ca. 46 km ✶ 620 m


The subsoil is approximately 15% asphalt, 55% forest and field roads and 30% trails. Several climbs and descents have to be mastered daily. The trip is technically and conditionally demanding.

Note for Guided tours: The tour is guided by a certified guide and accompanied by a second guide in the vehicle. The escort vehicle arrives one or two times a day and at the place of accommodation. Baggage, spare parts, tools and drinking water are transported. If necessary, a participant can travel in the accompanying vehicle. Overnight stays are in simple, country-specific guesthouses in double, twin or shared rooms including breakfast. In one of the lodgings (mountain hut) the sanitary facilities are shared in the corridor. Sometimes we have lunch in good middle-class restaurants or huts. Dinner can be in the accommodation or a few minutes walk away. Lunch and dinner are not included in the price.

The return transport from Bruntál to Dresden by minibus can be booked optionally. A return trip by train is also possible.

Note for closed groups: The services are compiled on request. Both the backpack version without an escort vehicle is possible, as well as the wellness package with overnight stay in upscale guesthouses or hotels with sauna and single rooms.

Note for supported tours: Accommodation is the same as for guided tours. On the basis of the GPS data, you will lead the tour yourself. Optionally you can book an escort car with driver for the trip as well as the return transport from Bruntál to Dresden.

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